If you’re going to come to blows with your friends, you best not be driving a boat. Authorities are looking to lay charges against the driver of a rental boat in Baltimore, Maryland after he and his friends got into a scuffle on the water.

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A crowded boat travelling on the Choptank River continued moving without its operator as he battled with another passenger. At some points, even coming precariously near sailboats participating in a regatta race.

Luckily, the group managed to settle their differences long enough to regain control of the boat before anyone else was injured or even killed.

Witnesses say the group aboard the boat appeared to have been intoxicated.

Update: Charges are pending against the driver who started the fight, and the group has paid $3,000 to cover damages to the boat.

Officials were not on hand at the time to make an arrest.

The video was captured by Facebook user Daryl Newhouse, who was operating a safety boat for an ongoing fun yacht regatta at the time.