COMING SOON: All-Boating Streaming Channel


The way people are watching TV is changing. More eyes are shifting from conventional television toward internet-based, on demand, streaming networks like Netflix and Hulu every day. PowerBoat Television has teamed up with TV4 Entertainment, a leading streaming network producer, to create the first ‘on demand’ boating network.

With investment from Warner Brothers and Sky, TV4 is a leader in video production and streaming. Together with PowerBoat Television and The Boat Show, TV4 is launching Nautical Mile — a brand-new boating channel committed to bringing boating to life to every screen; TV, mobile phone, iPad and more, anytime, anywhere! With over 50 years of combined industry experience in the global boating and television industry from both sides of the Atlantic, the network will cover everything from super yachts, jet skis to sports fishing boats.

Coming soon!