Ladies of the Lake have been putting Lake Simcoe on a better path since 2004 when work began on a cheeky but not cheesy calendar that would earn $250,000 and help change the future. Now it’s time for something completely fresh – with the same magnitude of impact, of course.

This new book for kids 7 to 12 will be a giant collection of over 200 of their toughest and most intriguing questions, answered by experts but then presented in dynamic kid-friendly ways that even the grumpiest grandpa will love to share.

Even phosphorus will be fun!

For the past two years, the Ladies have been gathering kids’ questions about the lake, water and life in the watershed. Can seagulls get sunburned? Did dinosaurs drink the water in the lake? Are there snakes on Snake Island? And yes – Do fish fart?

Loaded with illustrations, photos and maps, the book is guaranteed to fascinate, amaze and inform as it tackles ecology, science, history, technological and social innovation, urban planning, plants, fish and animals, geography and lore. It even tackles what it’ll take to help our lake meet goals for full recovery.

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