Every year at this time, Fogh Boat Supplies asks boating industry specialists to come and host informative talks in their areas of expertise. These FREE BOATING SEMINARS begin the first Saturday of February.

Below, is the full list of seminars which will be offered in the upcoming weeks. It is a great time to take advantage of these talks about new techniques and some of the latest information and products in the boating industry.

Please RSVP online at heather@foghboatsupplies.com or by phone at 905.278.7005 as spaces are limited. Sign up now to secure your spot!

Mark the dates in your calendar folks, and do not forget to bring all your questions!

– Fogh Boat Supplies Team

FEB 4 @10AM | Xantrex Inverters/Chargers
w/Gary Young from Payne’s Marine | Come join Gary as he goes through Xantrex’s comprehensive line of power solutions for your boat. Sine wave or modified, 20 amp or 60, individual or combined, have all your questions answered.

FEB 4 @1PM | Gel Coat Repairs
w/ Kim Anderson from Dockside Marine Services | Learn from THE expert on how to do basic gelcoat repairs on your boat. One of our most popular seminars, so sign up early!

FEB 11 @10AM | Boat Buying + Selling
w/Shawn Bannon from Navy Point Yacht Sales | This seminar is a must for anyone thinking of buying or selling their boat. Listen in while Shawn explains the in and outs of boat buying and selling. What to look for, what to avoid, why you should involve a broker, over the border shopping…. All topics covered by this excellent seminar.

FEB 11 @1PM | Risk Management/Safety
w/Bob Greenhalgh from Humber Bay Sailing Centre |   “There is more to boating than good times with good friends in good weather. Understanding how to practice safe boating, manage risks, and deal with emergencies will make you a better boater and may just save your life, or at least save you some money.” Bob Greenhalgh, past Commodore of Humber Bay Sailing Centre.

FEB 18 @10am | West System Epoxies
w/ Graham Toms from Payne’s Marine | There are so many things that you can do with West System’s line of epoxy products. From building brand new boats to minor fairing jobs and everything in between. Come join Graham as he explains all that can be done with Fogh Boat Supplies’ most popular brand of epoxy.

FEB 18 @1PM | Boat Handling in Close Quarters
w/Craig Hamilton from BoaterSkills.ca | Have you ever been afraid to leave the dock when conditions might not be ideal? Worried about coming back and the eyes that might be watching as you attempt to dock your boat? We all have. Craig will help you gain some confidence with his seminar on handling your boat in these conditions. This is a fantastic seminar.

FEB 25 @10AM | Harken Furling/Winches
w/Mark Nossiter from Transat Marine | What furling is right for my boat? How do I maintain my winches? So many questions are asked about these two important pieces of hardware on most sailboats. Join Mark as he explains the differences between ESP, Mark IV and Reflex furling as well as proper maintenance of your Harken winches.

FEB 25 @1PM | Forespar Whisker/Spinnaker Poles and Hardware
w/ Mark Nossiter from Transat Marine | How do I choose the right diameter and length of pole? How do I attach it to the mast? Where do I store 14 feet of pole when I’m not using it? Mark will teach you. He will also go through Forespar’s line of lubricants and maintenance products.

MAR 4 @10AM | Inverters-How they Differ
w/Mark Nossiter from Transat Marine | Mark is back for another Saturday of product information seminars. This one is on the difference between inverters. Modified or Sine wave. What makes this one twice the money of the other? What to look for when using occasionally or heavy duty use.

MAR 4 @1PM | Ocean Signal EPIRB’s and PLB’s
w/Mark Nossiter from Transat Marine | What do they even stand for, let alone how do they work? Mark will explain the acronym and the differences between these important pieces of safety equipment. Learn how effective they have become and why you should consider including one in your safety kit now.

MAR 11 @10AM | Raymarine Electronics
w/Roy Shipley from Flir/Raymarine | What’s new in the world of electronics this year? It’s always exciting when Roy joins us to explain just what today’s modern electronic systems are capable of doing. And yes, there is an app for that! New radar, amazing fish-finders, touch screen, interfacing…and so much more!

MAR 18 @10AM | Interlux Top & Bottom Paints
w/Allan Bell + Mike Paulssen from Fogh Boat Supplies |   Allan and Mike will go though the available lineup of Interlux’s extensive offering of paint products. Become better educated on the application of epoxy barrier coats, antifouling paints and topside paint and primers. Find out why which one may be the best for you.

Please RSVP for seminars by emailing heather@foghboatsupplies.com or by phone at 905.278.7005 as spaces are limited.


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