The owners of Killarney Mountain Lodge (KML) have announced their purchase of Killarney’s Sportsman’s Inn Resort & Marina. The announcement comes on the heels of a major $18 million renovation to the Lodge property purchased in January of 2015. Holden Rhodes, who has close family ties and vacationed in Killarney growing up, bought the landmark Sportsman’s Inn to continue to build on his wish to make a difference in the local community.

Rhodes says his purchase of the Sportsman’s Inn is a catalyst for growth, “I’m delighted to announce the continuation of my plans to provide as much opportunity to Killarney and bring more economic benefits to the area. My long-term vision is to attract more investment and people to the area. This is not only a business investment, but also an opportunity to benefit Killarney into the future and continue to support renewed economic vitality for current and new residents.” Rhodes adds, “It’s an honour to showcase these resorts together and build Killarney’s reputation as a natural tourism destination.”

Marc Douris, manager at the Sportsman’s Inn, says he’s excited to move forward in a cooperative relationship, “I’m delighted to announce that staff at the Inn will be retained as we join the Killarney Mountain Lodge family. We are working closely with the management team at Killarney Mountain Lodge to ensure a seamless transition.”

Both the Sportsman’s Inn and Killarney Mountain Lodge will retain separate identities but work together to provide visitors will exceptional service. The Inn will continue to be a legendary landmark destination that offers luxurious accommodations and spa treatments and Killarney Mountain Lodge, constructed as a private executive retreat in the early 1950’s, is undergoing its biggest renovation in the property’s history with an $18 million dollar renovation well underway.

Killarney, a jewel of North Eastern Ontario, is a nature lover’s paradise and offers access to 187 square miles of pristine mountain wilderness and some of the biggest mountains in Ontario at Killarney Provincial Park. The surrounding pristine, sapphire blue, lakes provide the perfect setting for recreational adventure. Outdoor activities include hiking, fishing, swimming, tennis and kayaking. After a day on the mountain, or on the water, guests can savour gourmet cottage cuisine and lakeside views from the Channel at two of the Georgian Bay’s best adventure resorts.

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