By Matt Spencer

The Angler series is G3’s deep-V, durable and dependable line of boats built to take whatever you can throw at them. Tough and filled with fishing features, the line includes 13 models ranging from 16 feet to over 18 feet, like the Angler V185 SF.

The folks at G3 headquarters in Lebanon, Mo., must have their ears to the pavement, because the Angler V185 SF fits every need a Canadian might have. It starts with a 96-inch beam, a great-sized platform to work with, and continues with exceptionally high freeboards to provide safety and a nice, dry ride. That means inside you can pack the boat with whatever fishing features you need.

Key to a boat’s fishability are the casting decks. The 185 SF has a good one aft, with sporty flip-up jump seats built in. These are sturdy and durable and really quite handy. Centering these is hinged access to the bilge should you need to perform any maintenance. Naturally, there is a seat base where you can put in the optional bike seat or the high-back fishing seats. There are even creature comforts like nifty cup holders.

The gunwales provide more than just stability. Top loading storage can hold gear on the starboard side and to port there is storage for half a dozen seven-foot rods. Rod storage continues in the walk-thru, where there is room for six more rods. After all, tournament anglers can never have too many rod combos.

I like this boat because even with four seats in place, there is still plenty of legroom and you’re able to move around. It feels much bigger than its 18-foot, 5-inch length

The helm on the 185 is cool and casual, with a full gauge package, rocker switches and tilt steering. The bow deck is easily spacious enough for two anglers. To the right of the seat base is locking storage, with a 15-gallon lighted livewell to the left.

Something I’ve always admired about G3 is how much research they put into the design of their hulls. Their goal is to give you a boat that rides as well as it fishes. This not only provides durability, but also an overall stable ride with little flex – something I’ve come to expect from G3. The 185 sports G3’s GX2 hull, which gives you double 100-gauge aluminum plating on the bow and bottom.

When you put a Yamaha F200 on the transom you now have a package that delivers the goods for serious fishermen or weekend boaters looking for an excellent aluminum boat. This hull easily handled the 200-hp engine (the max horsepower rating). At 487 pounds dry, you’d find it hard to believe it’s a four stroke, since it weighs just a bit more than the VZ200 two stroke.

This new four stroke from Yamaha provides big power in a small package. It’s a 2.8-litre block with a sophisticated 16-valve, DOHC, variable cam timing system. And, since it’s a Yamaha, you know it’s been tested over and over again. The variable cam delivers solid acceleration, launching this package onto plane in three seconds.

When you are building something it all starts with the foundation. On this boat, it’s the 96-inch beam. This provides a platform you can load with fishing features, so whether it’s fishing or skiing the G3 V185 SF can handle it all.

This boat is featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Boats&Places.