Power Profile: Supra SE 450


By Mike Milne

Well-rounded tow sports boats these days need big passenger and ballast capacity plus plenty of power to please water skiers, wakeboarders and wakesurfers.

Technically, surfers don’t get towed, but wakesurfing is behind a whole new generation of boats. The Supra SE450 is one of them.

As a V-drive inboard, with a powerful and heavy 438-hp 6.2 L Ford Raptor V-8, marinized by Indmar, mounted right aft, the SE 450 already has an edge in wake and surf creation. Its Smart Plate 2.0 shapes the wake for skiers or wakeboarders. The optional Swell Surf System installed on our test boat, combined with 3,200 pounds of ballast in hard and flexible tanks, takes the 450’s wake to a higher level.

By aiming the boat’s powerful prop-wash or rooster-tail to one side or another, the Swell Surf System creates massive waves that are easily switched from one side to the other without moving ballast.

The Ford Raptor-based V-8 provides plenty of power and torque at all engine speeds and the electronic Vision system, displayed on a Murphy touch-screen, offers easy pre-sets for creating low, soft water-skiing wakes (using no ballast), bigger wake-boarding wakes with some ballast and super-sized surf wakes with full tanks. With electronically controlled plate and engine systems, it’s never been easier for a driver to deliver perfect wakes, or none at all.

For all-round day cruising or cottage service, the SE 450 is speedy and comfortable. The driver gets a heated seat that adjusts electrically. For passengers, there’s a wide wraparound seating area in the bow that converts to a full sun lounge, plus wraparound seating in the main cockpit that holds a crowd.

Storage space is massive. The wake tower has a built-in Bimini, optional clamping board racks and optional tower speakers to go with the booming stereo.

If you want to go big in wakes or waves and bring along a huge posse to watch, the Supra SE 450 delivers big time.

This test is featured in the 2016 Test issue of Boats&Places and on BoatTest.ca.

Test Boat Engine
Indmar Raptor 440, 6.2 L (379ci) 438 hp, V-8 gasoline inboard, with Indmar sequential fuel injection, pushing the prop through a V-drive

0-20 / 5.9; 0-30 / 8.8

TOP SPEED (rpm/mph)
5400 / 40.5

2500 / 12.4; 3500 / 26.9; 4500 / 35.6

Length: 24 ft 6 in / 7.46 m
Beam: 8 ft 6 in / 2.59 m
Weight: 5,300 lbs / 2,404 kg
Fuel Capacity: 83 gals / 314 L
Ballast capacity: 3,200 lbs / 1,451 kg
Price: $149,995