Brought to you by the FOCA Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention & Monitoring Program

Some aquatic species can survive more than two weeks out of water

Before you go

Visually inspect your boat, motor, trailer and all fishing gear. Look for aquatic debris that might be dried and still clinging to your equipment since the last outing. Washing and/or drying your equipment will kill harmful species:

  • Inspect all parts of your boating and fishing equipment that gets wet when it’s on or in the water (boat, motor, trailer, fishing gear, etc.). Rinse the equipment with hot water (greater than 50°C); or
  • High pressure spray your boat, motor, and trailer with water at 250 psi; or
  • Dry your boating equipment in the sun for at least 5 days before launching into any body of water.

Watch out

While on the water, steer your boat or watercraft clear of areas known to have invasive species. Propellers can cut up plants; and oars or paddles can break stems, further spreading invasive species.

When you leave

At the boat launch, inspect your boating equipment: boat, motor, trailer, rollers, axles, anchors, centerboards and fishing gear and remove any zebra mussels and/or other animals and plant debris (stems/leaves) that are visible. Dispose of debris in the garbage, or compost on land – never near any waterbody. Prior to leaving the boat launch, drain water from the motor, live well, bilge, and transom wells, and leave your drain plug out while travelling.

If you are using live bait, freeze or salt your unused bait for future use, or dispose of it in the garbage. It is illegal to dump your left over bait or bait bucket water into any waterbody in Ontario or release fish into Ontario waters. It is illegal to use gobies, Eurasian ruffe or rudd for bait!

If you identify AIS on your lake or waterbody, report them using the Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS) Ontario. You can also call the Invading Species hotline at 1-800-563-7711 or visit

Find it. Report it. Monitor it. Prevent the Spread. Aquatic AIS Prevention & Monitoring Program – Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations Web: | Email: